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MAXIMUM HEIGHT 70 m above sea level

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Day 1 arrive in Seville.  Meet our staff in your hotel and receive our travelling pack. Please inquire about our local services to visit Seville, or simply enjoy a quiet evening letting the relaxed atmosphere of the city soak in.

Day 2 from Seville to Las Cabezas de San Juan, Km 56,9 : The route begins under the huge 5th Centenary bridge, and will follow the bank of the Guadaira river on a pleasent carless country road. On your right you will have the old, winding, original course of the Guadalquivir. Always using small roads, you reach easily the town of Las Cabezas de San Juan, a traditional Andalucian town.

Day 3 from Las Cabezas de San Juan to Jerez de La Frontera, 49,5 km : Another day of easy pedalling, on nearly flat ground. The landscape will gradually get dryer as you enter an area of agricultural and horse breeding traditions. You may stop in Lebrija, or Trebujena for a traditional lunch of cheakpeas with rabbit. Jerez, if your thing is beer rather than wine, you may visit La Jerezana, a brewery of 11 kinds of beer.

Day 4 from Jerez De la Frontera to Cadiz, 18,6 Km : You will notice that the ground acquires an ever more whitish colour, it comes from the sediments of the ancient sea that used to cover these lands, and it is the best soil to grow the grapes that produce Sherry wine. Yo will easily arrive to charming Puerto Santa Maria where you will take the ferry to Cadiz on the other side of the bay Enjoy the ride you will be there in less than 40 minutes.

Day 5 Cadiz, a beautiful seaside town of cool narrow streets, with monuments, towers, Bothanical Gardens, Roman fisheries remains. Our services end after breakfast, enjoy the rest of your stay and have a safe return.

* SPECIAL NOTE From Puerto de Santa Maria to Cadiz the ferry takes 35 minutes, costs 2,65 euros pp. From Puerto de Santa Maria to Cadiz bicycles are carried for free on the ferry. Two or three times a month the levantine wind is so strong that the ferry is suspended. A bus service substitutes it, although it does not carry bicycles. Instead we must take a train in the station less than 1 km away from the Arbour of Puerto de Santa Maria, bicycles are carried for free on the train.

FLY TO Seville


RUNS All year. Check for available dates or inquire about other dates

WHAT IS INCLUDED Quality bicycle and paniers rental, route elaboration, roadbook and maps, accomodation with breakfast in comfortable hotels or luxury country houses, luggage transfer from one stage to the next, local telephone assistance in English, French, Italian and Spanish, basic international medical insurance.

EXTRAS AND ADD-ONS Helmet, guided cycling tour of Seville, entrance to monuments, medium (picnic lunch) or full board. Please enquire about the possibility to reserve a guided visit to a bodega, upgrade accomodation, prolongue your stay in one of the locations,

WHAT IS NOT INCLUDED Ferry pass*, transfer from final destination, entrance to monuments unless so stated, personal transfer in case of unpredictable situations.

OUR BICYLES are very reliable, Kalkhoff, chosen to best suite you on the route. They come with paniers, pump, puncture repair kit/spare tube, multitool, lock.

CLIMATE Andalucia has mild Winters an hot Summers which make it possible to cycle at any time of the year with the right preparation and simply adapting the schedule of the day so as to take best advantage of the most favourable temperatures. Take to the road early in the morning in Summertime, closer to midday in Wintertime.

A PIECE OF ADVICE Always wear sun protection and carry plenty of water. During Spring and Summer avoid cycling in the hot hours of the day, keep to the shade whenever possible. “When in Rome….”

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